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  • Calculate Your Body Mass Index

    The body mass index (BMI) combines your height and weight in a score that helps to determine if you are below the weight at a healthy weight, overweight or obese. Since a typical scale measures the total weight, it helps to have more information to determine if the weight is healthy or unhealthy. A person […]

  • How to Infuse Vodka With Jalapenos

    If you are a fan of vodka, you should definitely consider infusions. Because water has a neutral flavor, to begin with, it is an excellent basis for other flavors. Extracts of many, such as vanilla, really use vodka as the basis. All you need is a little vodka, a flavoring agent and a little patience. […]

  • How to play Beer Pong Battleship drinking game

    Battleship beer pong is a  new round on the classic  beer pong fun drinking game. You can set up a beer pong tournament battleship, or you can play with only a small group of friends. The game also offers a change of pace of standard beer pong rules. Then, break the balls of beer pong, more […]

  • What Does a Texturizer Do on Black Hair?

    Texturizers are smooth versions of a hair relaxer chemistry. The texture artist loosens the pattern of natural curl of hair of the individual without straighten him out completely. Loosen the snail allows for handling more and, in many cases, more management capacity. Texturizers are ideal for those who want to keep the natural curls, but […]

  • Swap Dull Dinner Recipes for These Superstar Meals

    What kind of shoes to you. Do you want a varied diet and exciting without eating all the time, once you confirm the cooking new recipes and interesting for every dinner. A few days later, you look back in a week. And realize that six of the seven dinners consisted of toast and a fried […]

  • Pills for Bigger Wider Hips and Thighs

    Everyone wants to find the fastest route. I understand, we are all motivated by the results and faster, we began to see a change, we are more likely to move on. I will not say that there is a faster way, but there is a way to obtain curves more in less time, of course. […]

  • How to Make a Matcha Latte

    The green color vibrant a latte Matcha is unmistakable. Its beautiful tone comes from its main ingredient, Matcha, which is composed of dried leaves, all the green tea which were ground to a very fine powder. Fortunately for you, this drink is more than just a pretty color. In addition to being a pleasure to […]

  • Easy Homemade Sun Tea Recipe

    The sun made tea has been a long-standing tradition of summer – the process involves soaking the tea in a warm and sunny for a long period of time, instead of using boiling water. Let the sun do the work for you, the tea can be made in lots of large or small and requires […]

  • How to Easily Make Cherry Pie

    The beginning of the season of cherry is a national holiday. When the cherries on the trees begin to ripen, the members lowered suspension with their generosity, that should be celebrated with a picnic to the backyard, time away from work and a big slice of homemade cherry pie. The day of cherry pie can […]